Colors of Character Program

What is the Colors of Character program at Avon Kempo & Aikido Academy? This program is designed to incorporate the 8 rules of the school into everyday life: at home, school, dojo and wherever else you may travel.

How it works:

1) This must be done TWICE per rank! (in other words, two stripes per rank-to earn a stripe, students need to show examples of three rules). Also remember, that the colors of character can be done at anytime and not just before a test. However, please note that if the colors of character are not done at least one week before the test, the student will not test and will have to wait until the next test.

2) Students will pick three rules of the school and apply them to everyday life. The student writes the rule down and gives an example of how they demonstrated the rule and then it must be signed by a parent and/or a teacher-that’s right the student must apply the rules at home, school, or even at another sport. (example: I did my homework without being told- Discipline)

3) The students bring the signed document to the studio where they will be read and then the students receive the appropriately colored stripe. (The first stripe will be red and the second stripe will be the color of their next rank).

This program is to encourage the students to incorporate the 8 school rules into everyday life and not just in the dojo. If there are any questions or comments about the Colors of Character program, please do not hesitate to contact Master Dominick or Master Jeanene. Thank you.